Demon’s Cycle Increases its Stock of Handlebars to Meet High Demands

Demon’s Cycle has taken delivery of a range of handlebars and ape hangers. As a result, many items are now back in stock which were previously depleted due to high demand.

El Diablo Harley Ape Hangers

Demon’s Cycle Inc., a custom Harley motorcycle builder and custom motorcycle parts supplier, is pleased to announce the increased availability of a range of its handlebars and ape hangers which have previously been unavailable due to high customer demand.

Among the new stock is a range of handlebar blackout kits which can be used by those adding a little sleekness to their Harley’s by blacking out some of the key components. The ‘El Diablo’ black ape hangers kit not only comes with powdercoated flat black ape hangers but also includes black switches, black grips and black mirrors.

The kits, which are made in the U.S.A., are professionally assembled and come ready to install on your motorcycle. Available for a whole range of Harley-Davidson, these kits come in 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch and 18-inch variations.

Ape hangers, which get their name because of the way they rise high above their mounting point forcing riders to reach up to use them, aren’t the only type of handlebars in Demon’s Cycle’s warehouse. Some riders prefer drag or t-bars which are now also in stock in various rise sizes.

“I am pleased to announce that we have radically increased the stock levels of our replacement handlebars for Harley-Davidson,” said Tom Steinbacher, owner of Demon’s Cycle. “We currently have the highest number of handlebars in stock in the US.”

Demon’s Cycle is passionate about offering the very best spare, custom and replacement parts at the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality. The need to rapidly increase its stock levels is a testament to the success of this strategy.